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Fetal Development

Want to know what's going on in there? During the first trimester, your little baby is growing and developing everything he needs to be born. Babies change from a grouping of cells to an embryo and finally to a fetus by the end of the all important first trimester. Learn exactly what is forming each week and get an intimate glimpse into the early stages of your baby's life.

Fetal Development from Week 1 - Week 4
Fetal Development from Week 5 - Week 8
Fetal Development from Week 9 - Week 12
Fetal Development week 1
Fetal Development 2 weekFetal Development Week by Week Fetal Development week 8

Second trimester fetal development Second Trimester Fetal Development: Week by Week

During the second trimester, your baby's kicks and jumps will be easy to feel. In fact, you may feel like you are going to give birth to the next soccer star!
Fetal Development from Week 13-Week 16
Fetal Development from Week 17-Week 21
Fetal Development from Week 22- Week 26
Fetal Development 3 -4 monthsFetal Development 3 - 4 monthsFetal Development 5 monthsFetal Development 6 monthsFetal Development 5 monthsFetal Development 6 months

Third Trimester fetal developmentThird Trimester Fetal Development: Week by Week

During the last and final trimester, your baby is growing and gaining weight. All of his systems are functional and if he is born before 36 weeks, he can sustain life outside of the womb, although he may need to spend a few weeks in the hospital to finish growing. Congratulations you made it!!!
Fetal Development Week 27- Week 31
Fetal Development Week 32-Week 36
Fetal Development Week 36- Week 40
Fetal Development 7 monthFetal Development - 8 monthsFetal Development 40 weeks

First Trimester Fetal Development:

Approximately 2 weeks after your menstrual period, something amazing happens---conception takes place. The egg and sperm meet for the first time and a new life is formed. As it travels down the fallopian tubes, the little ball of cells rapidly changes and grows each day. By the time you suspect you are pregnant (4 weeks gestation), the baby has already implanted into your uterus and the embryonic period is beginning.

Week 5: By the fifth week, the baby's heart begins to beat.

8 week fetusWeek 8-9: Fingers and Toes begin to form and the embryo is now known as a fetus. The fetus is approximately 1/2-1 inches long and actually has everything that it will need to be born. All of it's organs are formed and are beginning to function. Brain waves are even present and are measurable.

Week 12: Your baby actually has fingernails and toenails although they are very tiny!  His or her genitals are clearly formed, but it is still too little to be seen clearly on an ultrasound. Your doctor will be able to clearly hear the heartbeat on doppler by this time. If you take an ultrasound of your baby at this age, you might even get a glimpse of him sucking his thumb or making a fist! Your baby can even feel pain even though he is only 3 inches long.


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