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Top 10 Unique and FUN Baby Shower Games

TOP TEN UNIQUE BABY SHOWER GAMES  - FUN BABY SHOWER GAMES                                                                         

by Heather Luby

unique baby shower giftsThe internet is a vast resource of unique ideas and themes for throwing a baby shower. And, chances are, if you are a mother you have already been the lucky recipient of your own baby shower and have a few tricks up your sleeve to help make the day memorable and enjoyable for all. Just remember that no baby shower is complete without some unique baby shower games! Whether you are looking for some tried and true classic baby shower games or maybe some livelier games for a rowdy crowd of moms, this list has something for you. Because let's face it, what does every new mom need? No, not another cutesy outfit, not even more diapers... she needs a few good laughs and memories with friends to think about during those 2 a.m. feedings!

Here are top ten fun baby showers games that are inexpensive, easy and--- mostly importantly---sure to encourage a few laughs and warmhearted memories.


Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #1: 

My Water Broke

This unique and fun baby shower game requires a little planning ahead of time, but it is inexpensive and easy to set-up. You will need a pack of tiny plastic babies from a craft or party store. Next, freeze a single baby into an ice cube for each guest. As the guests arrive, give them each a cup with a “baby” ice cube inside to keep an eye on during the party. The first guest whose ice cube melts and has a baby to float freely in the glass will shout out "my water broke" and they win the game. Note: You can allow or prohibit "artificial induction methods" like holding the cup under a lamp.


Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #2: 

Look Who’s Talking 

This unique baby shower game also requires a little planning ahead of time, but delivers some real laughs in return. You will need to create a sheet of four to six baby pictures (from magazines, mother-to-be photo album, family albums, etc.). The cuter and funnier the better! Make photocopies of the sheet to each guest. Then have guests write a funny caption for each picture imagining what the baby is thinking. You can then ask everyone to share their favorite with the group.

Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #3: 

Baby Price is Right

This is a more common baby shower game, but a tried and true crowd pleaser. You will need a few materials for this game. Various baby products, index cards, pens and paper for each baby shower guest. You will provide 10 different baby items (i.e., baby shampoo, soap, bib, lotion, rattle, pampers). Next, use the index cards to write down the price of each baby shower item and then randomly place the index cards in front of all of the items. Then write a letter next to the price of each item and ask your baby shower guests guess by writing down the item that corresponds to the price. Each guest will write their answer on a piece of paper. The baby shower guest with the most correct corresponding prices wins! Note: This is a fun baby shower game -- especially if you provide a small door prize for the winner.

Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #4:

Discovery Game

A great way to break the ice! This is a perfect unique baby shower game to introduce a group of guests that might not know each other very well. For this fun baby shower game you will need to supply your guests with is a list of 10-15 prepared questions and pen/pencils. Each guest will have to find someone in that room that fits the description given in each question. Once they do, they will write that persons name as the answer. No listing yourself as the answer either! The winner is the first person to finish or whoever gets the most names. If you have adequate time, you can have a few guests read the sentence and the answers to the group, so all can enjoy.

An example of questions might include:                                              
- Find somebody who is run a marathon
- Find somebody who has two or more pets
- Find somebody who has been to Europe 

Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #5:

Toilet Paper Talk

This fun baby shower game requires no preparation, other than an expensive roll of toilet paper. Perfect as a last minute game idea! Pass a roll of toilet paper around the room and ask each guest to tear off as much or as little as she likes. Once everyone has as much as they want, announce that for every square of paper a guest has taken, she has to share one piece of baby advice or a parenting anecdote.

Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #6:

That's What She Said

This unique baby shower game is best when you have a lively crowd. Consider your guest list before picking this game, but if you have ladies that don’t mind being a little naughty, this one is bound to get big laughs! While the mom-to-be is opening gifts, ask a guest to jot down some of the things the mom-to-be is saying as she's showing off the gifts. For example, "Oh, it's so tiny!" "I didn’t know you could get one in this color!" "I'll definitely get a lot of use out of this!" Then, after all the gifts have been opened, announce that it's a little-known fact that the things a pregnant woman says as she's opening fun baby gifts are the very same things she said when the baby was conceived. Then read back the quotes for everyone to hear and enjoy the laughs!

Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #7: 

Bottle Races

This is a perfect fun baby shower game for those wanting to include a little “action” during the party. Simple to plan for, all you need to do is purchase a few extra, inexpensive baby bottles and fill them with milk or alternate drink and let the game begin! Have each guest take a bottle filled with a liquid and suck the bottle just like a baby would. (Caution: This is much harder than you think!) The woman who drinks the most in an allotted time wins. A small door prize would probably be appreciated for this  unique baby shower game, especially since whoever wins will probably have sacrificed a little dignity. 

 Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #8: 

Purse Scavenger Hunt

Anyone and everyone can play this fun baby shower game, as long as they brought along a purse or diaper bag. While not entirely necessary, you will find a pre-printed list of items usually found in a ladies purse (plus a few unusual items just for fun) will come in handy for this game. For example, lipstick, grocery coupons, any form of birth control, key chain with a baby picture, Band-Aids, gym membership card, grocery list that includes toilet paper. . .remember, be creative! The guests will go wild emptying out their purses and what they will find is always sure to solicit a few laughs! The best way to award a winner is to assign a point system. Grocery list may only be worth one point, where a used Kleenex might be worth 10!

Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #9: 

All About Friends

This fun baby shower game is one of my all time favorites. It allows your guests to really discover interesting things about each other and it doesn’t matter if they are new friends or old friends! Again, all you have to do is provide your guests with paper and pencils. Next, have each baby shower guest write something about themselves that no one really knows. Have them fold the piece of paper in half and give it to someone willing to read the slips of paper out loud. Once everyone has turned in a sheet of paper, have each read aloud and let everyone shout out who they think it belongs to. It is hilarious to find out who roller-skated competitively, who has met someone famous, how plays an interesting instrument, etc. This “guessing game” is sure to delight everyone!

Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Games #10: 

Celebrity Baby Name Game

If you have a younger group of moms, or at least a group who might enjoy some pop culture, this is a unique baby shower game. You will need to create a printout of the game for all baby shower guests and provide pens or pencils. The printout should have two columns, one side is the name of the celebrity parents, and the other side is the name of the baby. Mix them up and ask each guest to match up the baby name with the parents. You can provide the answers on a second page or just feel free to read them out loud. If you need a list of celebrity baby names, visit our Celebrity Baby Names Page for great ideas.

Last, but not least, consider the following guidelines to ensure that the unique and fun baby shower games you select are memorable and fun for all attending. 


If not a surprise, let mommy decide!
Unless the baby shower is going to be a surprise party, it is always a good idea to include the mommy-to-be in the decision making. She might have a few great and unique baby shower game ideas herself or she might want to veto a game idea that just doesn't appeal to her. 

It is best to think about the guest!
Unique baby shower games are what bring together the people on your guest list. After all, mommy-to-be's friends could range from friends from high school and college to current work colleagues, not to mention family on both sides. Keep this in mind when deciding which games might bring guests together and help them mingle. Also consider age ranges when considering the appropriateness of games.

Keep the party alive, play when they arrive!
Unique baby shower games can be a great icebreaker! It is always a good idea to choose one or two games to play early in the party. For example, schedule one of your games for after everyone arrives, but before food is served. Then play another game after the food is served, but before gift opening.

Do not dare come unprepared!
Like every good Girl Scout knows, you need to come prepared. Make sure you have all the baby shower game materials before the party begins. This includes any props, pens or pencils, writing paper or handouts, etc. Your guests will not want to wait while you get what they need to participate.

No one is bored when there is a reward!
unique baby Shower Games are fun to play, if you really want your guests to have a good time you should consider rewarding their efforts with a few prizes. Don’t fret over finding themed prizes or picking anything super special. No one expects anything extravagant. But a little token to increase the competition never hurts.

About the Author:
Heather Luby is a former stock broker, cave guide, journalist turned freelance writer and stay-at home mom. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband and two daughters. 

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